Belinda Smyth

Belinda Smyth Criminal Law

My name is Belinda Smyth and I am an owner and office manager at Clarity Law.

I have worked in the legal industry for the past 19 years. The legal firms I have worked in have ranged from large firms undertaking work in all areas to smaller firms specialising in one area. I have held almost all positions from office junior and paralegal to office manager. I have also worked in the Public Service in Canberra in the Legal Services Commission and am also a Justice of the Peace.

I have worked with Steven for over 18 years and at Clarity Law since 2010

If you ring Clarity law then it is likely I will be the person who initially talks to you. I am pleased that I have been able to assist many thousands of people with enquiry's about their traffic law issues and look forward to being able to continue to help people get the answers they need.