How We Operate

Clarity Law Queensland - Criminal Law Specialists

Clarity Law introduces a new and better way of getting legal advice for any traffic or drivers licence related matters. Law firms are typically slow to change or embrace new ways of doing things. People often can’t or don’t want to be forced to contact their lawyer between 9-5 Monday to Friday. Clarity law is different. We are open extended hours for your convenience and we guarantee we will respond to your call or email immediately during our business hours or if we are in court we will contact you within 90 minutes. We also service almost all courts in South East Queensland you can have expert legal representation in your local court.

All contact with you can be by email or phone, there is no need to meet with us until the day of the court. If however we do need to meet, we will come to you at no charge. What does all this mean for you? it means the best legal representation at the best price.

By focusing on just criminal law we can not only keep up to date with the law but we can give you dedicated personal service.

So what exactly do you do if you are charged with a traffic offence or have licence issues? its very simple, just contact us for a free no obligation analysis of your matter.

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